Carlos Jimenez

Vocalist, Flutist, and Composer

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The Latin music of Carlos Jimenez was so hot and alluring, that several couples got up to dance. The second song had a sensuous cha-cha flavor, with Carlos’ flute starting things off in high style. The music continued to get even more people to dance, and who can blame them?” - Sheila Horne Mason

The Jazz Police

The music these guys put out is certainly enjoyable to listen.” - Hector Avile

Latino Music Cafe

Lively danceable Latin music comes alive on flautist Carlos Jimenez and his Mambo Dulcet band's Red Tailed Hawk, ” - Edwin Blanco

All About jazz

El Condado De La Salsa y Jazz Latino - Best Latin Jazz CD’s of 2021” - Nelson Rodriguez - El Condado De La Salsa

Hacienda Latina

When Jimenez isn't doling out sweet flute treats, he puts his instrument down and sings. His voice, like his flute, cuts straight to the heart of the music and proves to be an equally powerful instrument. The real Red-Tailed Hawk may be a bird of prey, but Jimenez's music harbors no threat. It merely invites hip shaking and rewards open ears.” - Dan Bilawsky

All About Jazz

“Carlos Jimenez is amazing! The Untermyer Performing Arts Council has had his group perform at Untermyer Park several times; their combination of Latin music and Jazz is a true audience pleaser. Without fail, unable to resist his music, people are up and dancing, and asking for encores at the end of performance. Carlos Jimenez’s music truly is joyful! ”” - Untermyer Performing Arts Council

Untermyer Performing Arts Council

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