Carlos Jimenez - Flutist

Carlos Jimenez is an extraordinary flute player and vocalist, as well as composer and band leader of Jazz, 
Latin Jazz and Salsa. Born in Yonkers, New York, his family moved to Villaba, Puerto Rico when he was six 
years old. It was there that his musical training began. From a young age, Carlos had an aptitude for 
percussion and played timbales, bongos and congas. His first lyrical instrument was trumpet, which he 
studied under Professor Pablo Leon at Francisco Zayas Santana High School. Carlos soon changed his 
instrument to flute, feeling inspired listening to the music of Mongo Santamaria and how he utilized the 
flute in his arrangements. He performed with his school’s big band throughout the Island. Thus began 
his early days as a flutist and his passion for the instrument. Carlos returned to New York as a young 
adult to pursue his dream of becoming a jazz flutist. He began studying classical flute at the Music 
Conservatory of Westchester under Dave Fenucane before expanding his repertoire to include jazz 
studying privately with master musicians Mario Rivera; Dave Valentin; Bobby Porcelli; Mitch Frohman; 
Vinnie Rickitelli; Rolando Briseno and Enrique Fernandez. A few years later, he studied harmony 
and voicings with master pianist, Mike Longo as well as Alfredo Valdes Jr. and Hilton Ruiz. 
To date, Carlos has recorded six albums of his own compositions and arrangements. As in a fantastic 
dream come true, some of the very musicians who inspired him as a kid have participated in these 
recordings: Hilton Ruiz; Oscar Hernandez; Stephane Ronget; David Schnitter; Edy Martinez; Dave 
Valentin; Sonny Bravo; Gilberto "El Pulpo" Colon; Ray Martinez; Eddie Montalvo; Nicky Marrero; Lewis 
Kahn; Bobby Porcelli; Jorge Maldonado and Alfredo Valdes Jr. A seventh album is forthcoming.