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Carlos Jimenez Biography 

Carlos Jimenez is an extraordinary flute player and vocalist, as well as composer and band leader of jazz, Latin jazz and salsa.

Born in Yonkers, New York, his family moved to Villaba, Puerto Rico when he was six years old. It was there that his musical training began. From a young age, Carlos had an aptitude for percussion and played timbales, bongos and congas. His first lyrical instrument was trumpet. Carlos soon changed his instrument to flute, feeling inspired listening to the music of Mongo Santamaria and how he utilized the flute in his arrangements. He performed with his school’s big band throughout the Island. Thus began his early days as a flutist and his passion for the instrument.

Carlos returned to New York as a young adult to pursue his dream of becoming a jazz flutist. He began studying classical flute at the Music Conservatory of Westchester before expanding his repertoire to include jazz.

To date, Carlos has recorded nine albums of his own compositions as well as his own arrangements of jazz and Latin music classics. As in a fantastic dream come true, some of the very musicians who inspired him in his youth have participated in these recordings. 


Carlos Jimenez

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New jazz release by Carlos Jimenez is inspiring and lovely. This wonderful jazz album has 10 compositions and arrangements by Jimenez and it features every jazz style you can imagine (Brazilian, Blues, Swing, Waltz, Ballad, Smooth and Bebop). Jimenez is the flutist, composer and arranger and is accompanied by such greats as Hector Martignon, Ruben

New jazz release by Carlos Jimenez is inspiring and lovely. This wonderful jazz album has 10 compositions and arrangements by Jimenez and it features every jazz style you can imagine (Brazilian, Blues, Swing, Waltz, Ballad, Smooth and Bebop). Jimenez is the flutist, composer and arranger and is accompanied by such greats as Hector Martignon, Ruben Rodriguez and Vince Cherico.

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Jairo Grijalba Ruiz

Antropólogo, escritor, periodista cultural, conferencista y tallerista sobre temas de Jazz, Blues y Música Afrocaribeña. Colombia


Todo el disco está perfecto de principio a fin. Lo pueden comprar a través de las tiendas virtuales e incluso escucharlo en plataformas como Spotify.


The whole album is perfect from beginning to end. You can buy it through online stores and even listen to it on platforms like Spotify.


Jazz Weekly

George W. Harris

New York based Carlos Jimenez puts rich muscle in his flute work on this album of ten wide ranging originals. His team of drummer Vince Cherico, bassist Ruben Rodriguez and pianist Martignon are flexible and adept in every mood, ranging from the upbeat swingers like “You’re The Best Pops” to the groove jammer “Smoketacular”. Jimenez is rich around the late night piano blues on the late night casual “Snuggle and Cuddle” and he is deft floating over the waltzing brushes of the feathery “Eyes Over Dawn”. Rodriguez and Cherico dig in deep on the Latinized “Bamboo Path” and Rodriguez plugs in and gets the team funky on the back beating “Dreams of Brazil”. The team slinks well on “Wheelbarrow Blues”, but things get real interesting when the team pairs down to a duet, with Jimenez and Martignon get dreamy on the pastoral “Not That Far Away”. While most albums stick to one color or feel, Jimenez shows that the woodwinds can blow in any direction. Impressive breezes.

Travis Rogers Jr.

The Jazz Owl

Woods by Carlos Jimenez 


  Flautist, vocalist, composer, and bandleader Carlos Jimenez has made his mark in Latin Jazz, Jazz, and Salsa. He has released nine albums, including his most recent, Woods. Born in Yonkers but raised in Puerto Rico, Carlos has the talent and training for percussion, trumpet, and flute. It was the great Mongo Santamaria’s arrangements for flute that hooked Carlos on that instrument. Returning to New York, Carlos studied Classical flute and then moved on to include Jazz. And thank God he did. 

His previous eight albums included his own compositions in addition to Latin and Jazz classics. “Since 2002”, Carlos states, “I have been performing steadily in a wide range of wonderful venues, festivals and theaters in New York and throughout the country.” His first Jazz recording was released in 2004, an album that featured Carlos’ mentor, Hilton Ruiz. 

Featured on Woods are the marvelous Hector Martignon on piano, the powerful and poised Ruben Rodriguez on bass, and the formidable Vince Cherico—well-respected and oft-recorded, one and all. This is a line-up to impress. In addition, the songs range from original compositions to all of Carlos’ inimitable arrangements, 10 songs in all, from Blues to Brasilian to Swing to Bebop and beyond. This is the stuff we love. 

The album is kicked off with You’re the Best Pops, a Carlos original. From the start, the band proves why they are the ones chosen to be on this album. The straight-up Jazz piece is highlighted by Carlos’ brilliant flute work. The trills are tucked inside the melodic lines and the rhythm section is on fire. This is how to open an album. 

Wheelbarrow Blues follows with cool piano and charming flute. This is an original composed by Carlos.  It is bent to his own style and virtuosity. The song is a remarkable turnout for Carlos and the fellas. That charm and wistfulness is even more evident on the Carlos original, Eyes Over Dawn. This is an extraordinary vehicle for Carlos’ sparkling flute and the warmth of Martignon’s piano. Cherico’s brushwork is certainly worthy of close attention. 

If you were waiting for some exciting bass from Ruben Rodriguez, Dreams of Brazil is what you were waiting to hear. Ruben opens with smoking bass lines that grab your attention. Flute, piano, and drums join in to ramp up this Brasilian beauty. You have to love the flute and piano pairing in Carlos’ treatment of the song. Rodriguez and Cherico keep it driving hard. This is a winner. 

Woods, the title track, is a beauty with its sweet flute and straight on beat from Cherico. Carlos and Hector work the piece over marvelously. The same goes for the Carlos original, Snuggle & Cuddle. It is a lovely and warm piece that is almost a Jazz lullaby. The melody moves from sweet ballad to almost melancholic blues. 

Not That Far Away opens with swells and textures that are positively captivating. Everyone is spot on and so focused in their presentation of this lovely melody. The gentle rainfall closes out the track wonderfully. The tempo picks up with Bamboo Path. It is lively and bright and evocative of a warm walk in the bamboo woods. Carlos’ flute is magical, if not majestic, in the opening parts and Hector Martignon matches him with the piano which turns on the drive before surrendering back to Carlos. The rhythm section is as determined as you could ever hope to hear. A brilliant work. 

Smoketacular puts the spotlight squarely on Cherico with a swinging introduction and excellent drum work throughout the piece. Cherico reminds of some of Elvin Jones’ cool work back in the day. Cherico plays melodically, a perfect complement to flute and piano. “Smoketacular” indeed. 

The album closes with Outside in the Rain. It is a wonderful piece of music with excellent arrangement to highlight the four artists. Carlos’ throaty flute plays off so well against bass and drums before Martignon unleashes a Rachmaninoff piano bit. This is fabulous Jazz. 
Carlos Jimenez’s Woods is an album deserving of rapt attention. It swings, it bops, it charms, it thrills. This is one to be placed on the permanent play section of anyone’s collection. 
                                   ~Travis Rogers, Jr. is The Jazz Owl

Carlos Jimenez at New York Botanical Garden.