The Woman's Club of White Plains

February 2023

Carlos Jimenez performs for their Luncheon at C.V Rich Mansion. 

Pressoir. Wine


Carlos Jimenez Jazz Quartet at Nomad Hotel NYC.

Havana Cafe Bronx

2019 - 2022

Carlos Jimenez Mambo Quartet was their house band for three years. 

White Plains Supreme court

New York Botanical Garden

La Paulee


Carlos Jimenez Mambo Quintet at Niche Niche. 

La Tablee

November, 2022

Carlos Jimenez Mambo Orchestra performed at City Winery NYC.

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

December, 2022

Carlos Jimenez Jazz Trio performed their Libtayo Celebration at Kanopi. 

Raphael Wine

Peconic, NY

Carlos Jimenez perform with his Jazz quartet for the Winter Wine Festival at Raphael. 

Nike NYC

June 2022

Carlos Jimenez Mambo Dulcet performed Puerto Rican Heritage at Orchard Beach.