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Latin Music

Goza Nena Goza

by Carlos Jimenez

Released 2013
Cjmartinete Music Co.
Released 2013
Cjmartinete Music Co.
Goza Nena Goza which means "Have Fun Girl Have Fun" is a delighted and danceable album for everyone that loves the mixing sounds of Salsa Latin Jazz Pop.
Carlos Jimenez' Music Is Fun and they try to give it a 100% effort meaning that their album consist of four member only but what a powerful quartet. Due to the economy it had to be this way but Jimenez says it's a built in platform and ready for a big band with complete and full arrangements when needed.

Carlos Jimenez, flute/vocals/composer/producer
Enrique Haneine, piano
Lloyd Nilsen, bass
Rafael Monteagudo, drums/vocals

Are you ready to Dance?

Jazz Flutist Carlos Jimenez

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