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Latin Music

Cacique del Yucayeque

by Carlos Jimenez

Released 2015
Cjmartinete Music Co.
Released 2015
Cjmartinete Music Co.
A unique danceable Latin tune with a beautiful sweet flute solo.
Cacique Del Yucayeque is a dream that I was invited to meet the Lider of the Tainos in Puerto Rico and to have their traditional foods like malanga, chayote, yautia, yuca, batata and play batu in the batey and also help prepare casabe with the very beautiful India Taina. Then after being lost for many days in the huge forest I finally arrived but the Bohio was burning and that was a very disturbing dream. I also added some Arawak taino language that I am trying to learn and I hope those who really know this great history help out more... Yuca/ Thailand/Congo/ Brazil/Puerto Rico/Nigeria Malanga Yautia Batata

Jazz Flutist Carlos Jimenez

Despierta Boricua by Carlos Jimenez

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