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Latin Music


by Carlos Jimenez

Released 2005
CJMartinete Music Co.
Released 2005
CJMartinete Music Co.
This is a smooth and relaxing latin jazz and jazz with a little fusion style. Featuring: Hilton Ruiz, Dave Valentin, Lewis Kahn, Bobby Porcelli, Aryam Vazquez, Geoff Brennan, Adam Weber & Guillermo Jimenez
Carlos Jimenez, Flautist
Yonkers, New York native Carlos Jimenez is the next generation of extraordinary flute players. He follows in the footsteps of greats such as Jose Fajardo, Dave Valentin, Nestor Torres.
Carlos’ musical passion began at the age of four, when under the guidance of his father he learned to play the trumpet. The family returned to Villalba, Puerto Rico where the then six-year-old musician continued his musical training eventually landing him admission to the prestigious Fransisco Zayas Santana High School in Villalba, Puerto Rico, where he studied with the famous maestro, Professor Pablo Leon.

In 1995 Carlos returned to New York City to study at the Music Conservatory of Westchester. While completing one year of his education in classical music, he expanded his repertoire to jazz studying with master musicians Dave Valentin, Hilton Ruiz, Mario Rivera, Bobby Porcelli, Sonny Bravo and Mike Longo.

His talent and passion for Jazz, Latin Jazz, Salsa, as well as Brazilian and Asian sounds has resulted in him recording with many musical greats, including; Hilton Ruiz, Stephane Ronget, Saunders Sermons, Willie Cintron, Sonny Bravo, Edy Martinez, Alfredo Valdez Jr., David Braham, Ruben Rodriguez, Dave Valentin, Jay Hoggard, David SCHNITTER, Jerome JENNINGS, Orlando VEGA, Geoff Brennan, Chris SMITH, Fidel Cuellar, Jeremy BRUN, Lewis Kahn, Gregg August, Adam Weber, Vince Cherico, Guillermo Jimenez, Aryam Vazquez, Wilson Corniel, Juan Rodriguez, George Cintron and Bobby Porcelli.

Jazz Flutist Carlos Jimenez

Despierta Boricua by Carlos Jimenez

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